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Internationally Awarded Training Company Offers Online Computer Training

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International award winning training company, Certkingdom, is now selling online computer certification training classes.

Certkingdomhas announced that it will now be offering online computer training classes. We has been an international computer and IT security training and certification leader. Over the past few years We has received major international awards for the quality and volume of training that it provides to people all across the world. Within that time, computer and IT certification training online has grown steadily each year. Although We promotes the benefits of hands-on, interactive computer training, they also recognize the abundant need of online training for people who do not have the ability to dedicate classroom time to their training.
“We are excited about the launch of this side of our business. Given our industry presence, we had clients asking for a product of this type for some time. We wanted to make sure that we reached a point where we could focus on the success of this launch, as opposed to just offering anything. We feel like we have the right solutions in plWe.”
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Certkingdom has dedicated a large portion of company resources for their launch of the online products. So far, the company has launched their platform which includes authorized certification training such as the live Certified Ethical Hacker online and the computer based CCNA certification. Other classes online that We considers to be much in demand include the CompTIA Security+, Microsoft Office and the MCITP. We has set up a specific phone line and a direct link on their website where interested people can purchase their online computer training classes. Most of the online computer training classes come with e-courseware and certification exam preparation study guides. Most of these self-pWed classes are instructor-led and are designed into modules that break the material down in logical lesson that accompany live demonstrations of labs.

This announcement comes on the heels of We have second straight EC-Council ATC of the Year Award, which is given to the leading provider of EC-Council certification training classes (like the CEH) in the world. With We being positioned as an international training leader, the launch of the online / computer based training products should be a success, especially with the market for this type of training expanding so steadily. “We are excited about the launch of this side of our business. Given our industry presence, we had clients asking for a product of this type for some time. We wanted to make sure that we reached a point where we could focus on the success of this launch, as opposed to just offering anything. We feel like we have the right solutions in plWe.”; said Ryan Corey, Director of Marketing.

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70-272 Q & A / Study Guide

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You work as the network administrator at has a domain named All
servers on the network run Windows Server 2003 and all client computers run Microsoft
Windows XP Professional SP2. has a Marketing and Finance division which requires using Microsoft Office XP to
perform their daily duties.
How would you instruct the Marketing and Finance user’s to run the Microsoft Office XP setup if
the setup fails and rolls backup without changing the user’s currently assigned privileges?

A. By adding the Marketing and Finance division to the Network Configuration Operators group
and accessing Microsoft Office Product Updates to scan the computer for updates.
B. By adding the Marketing and Finance division to the Power Users group and using Add or
Remove Programs in Control Panel to remove Office and re-install Microsoft Office XP.
C. By creating a remote connection to the Marketing and Finance group client computers and reinstalling
Microsoft Office XP using a network-based installation point with the required .msi file.
D. By adding the Marketing and Finance division to the local Administrators group and restarting
the browser and Workstation services before re-installing Microsoft Office XP from the Windows
Installer command-line utility.

Answer: C

Explanation: To try to recreate the error you have to run the installation in the users’ privileges so
running the installation on your computer with your privileges will not help you to solve the problem
(answer B and D). Visiting the Microsoft Office Product Updates Web site will not help the user in
any way as long as he doesn’t have Microsoft Office installed on his computer.

You work as the desktop support technician at has a domain named All servers on the network run Windows 2000 Server and all client computers
run Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2. has a Marketing division which uses Microsoft Office 2003 for their daily duties. During
the course of the day Marketing division users reported that certain files of theirs have been deleted.
How would you configure the Marketing division client computers to track any attempts by
malicious users to alter or delete files on their computers?

A. By running the secedit /analyze command on the client computers.
B. By running the secedit /configure command on the client computers.
C. By configuring security access control lists for their disk drives by auditing the Everyone group
on the client computers.
D. By running the secedit /validate command on the client computers.

Answer: C

Explanation: You must track unauthorized attempts to modify or delete the files so auditing the
Everyone group is the correct choice.

You work as a desktop adminsitrator at has a domain named All
servers run Microsoft Windows 2000 server and the client computers run Microsoft Windows XP Professional. has a Marketing division which makes online purchases during work hours.
How would you configure the network firewall to stop these activities whilst allowing the Marketing
division to access the Internet?

A. By having port 110 blocked on the firewall.
B. By having port 443 blocked on the firewall.
C. By having port 143 blocked on the firewall.
D. By having port 21 blocked on the firewall.

Answer: B

Explanation: Port 443 is used for Secure Sockets Layer connections to Secure HTTP Web sites.
This port should be blocked.

You work as the network administrator at has a domain named All
servers on the network run Windows Server 2003 and all client computers run Windows XP Professional. has a Finance division which uses Microsoft Office XP to perform their daily tasks.
How would you configure Microsoft Office XP to ensure opened documents display’s a toolbar
containing the Balloons button?

A. By accessing the Help menu and selecting the Detect and Repair… option.
B. By right-clicking the toolbar and selecting the Reviewing toolbar from the context menu.
C. By re-installing Microsoft Office XP and copying a file from the administrator’s
computer to the My Documents folder.
D. By accessing the tools menu from another user’s document and accessing the Tools menu to
select Shared Workspace.

Answer: B

Explanation: The Balloons button appears on the Reviewing Toolbar. Simply enabling this toolbar
will show this button. To enable the toolbar, right click any open spot in the toolbar area. From the
dropdown list, click Reviewing.

You work as a network administrator at has a domain named All
servers on the network run Windows 2000 Server and all client computers run Windows
XP Professional SP2. has a Finance division that has a client computer named ABC-WS272. The Finance
division requires the use of a printer. You attach a printer to ABC-WS272 and enable Print Shared.
You then print a test page. However, other users in the Finance division cannot find the printer on the network.
How would you configure ABC-WS272?

A. By using a Group Policy Object GPO which deploys the printer software to the Finance division.
B. By opening Windows Firewall and configuring ICMP options.
C. By enabling the File and Printer Sharing option on the Exception tab of the Windows Firewall.
D. By configuring Windows Firewall to have the Don’t allow exceptions option enabled.

Answer: C

Explanation: If the File and Printer Sharing is not enabled, the incoming request will be blocked
by the Windows Firewall.

You work as the network administrator at has a domain named All
servers on the network run Windows Server 2003 and all client computers run Windows
XP Professional SP2. has a client computer named ABC-WS272 configured with
Microsoft Outlook Express. has a Marketing division which uses Microsoft Outlook Express to send e-mail.
How would you configure Microsoft Outlook Express to ensure the users are able to open saved email
messages when opening Microsoft Outlook Express?

A. By disabling AutoArchive.
B. By importing .zip files.
C. By importing .pst files.
D. By importing .bdx files.

Answer: D

Explanation: The probable cause for this problem is that the user is not loading his dbx files when
Outlook Express launches. This is usually due to the user moving the dbx files, and Outlook
Express can no longer find them.

You work as the network administrator at has a domain named All
servers on the network run Windows Server 2003 and all client computers run Windows
XP Professional. has a client computer named ABC-WS272 configured with Microsoft Internet Explorer. has a Finance division with several employees who use ABC-WS272 to perform their daily tasks.
How would you configure ABC-WS272’s Internet Explorer to make sure that each user has their
own Favorites list?

A. By having a user profile created for each Finance division member using the computer.
B. By having a Microsoft Outlook Express identity created for Finance division members using the computer.
C. By having an Internet Explorer Address book identity created for Finance division members using the computer.
D. By having separate Favorites folder created under the My Documents folder for Finance division members using the computer.

Answer: A

Explanation: The user favorites list keeps changing. You must make sure for the user. Creating a
user profile for each family member will stop this change from happening.

You work as the network administrator at has a domain named All
servers run Windows Server 2003 and all client computers run Windows XP Professional. has its headquarters in Chicago and a Marketing and Finance division in Boston. You
are in Chicago and use a client computer named ABC-WS272. The Marketing and Finance
division has a client computer named ABC-WS274. Both ABC-WS272 and ABC-WS274 utilizes
manual IP address configuration and ISDN lines to access the Internet.
How can you utilize ABC-WS272 to control ABC-WS274 using Remote Desktop without disrupting
Internet connectivity?

A. By having ABC-WS272 configured with an Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) enabled after
placing ABC-WS272’s domain user account to Remote Desktop Users group on ABC-WS274.
B. By having ABC-WS272 configured with an Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) enabled with
Remote Desktop option in the Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) services enabled on ABCWS274.
C. By having ABC-WS272 configured with an Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) enabled and
enabling Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) on ABC-WS274.
D. By having ABC-WS274 configured with an Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) enabled after
placing ABC-WS274’s domain user account to Remote Desktop Users group on ABC-WS272.

Answer: B

Explanation: To keep the home computer secure you should start by enabling the ICF. By default
if you’re running Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) and you enable Remote Desktop, Windows
Firewall will be automatically configured to allow Remote Desktop connections to your computer. If
you or someone else has removed the Remote Desktop exception then you’ll have to manually
add it by open the Security Center, click Windows Firewall and click the Exceptions tab, and select
Remote Desktop.

You work as the network administrator at has a domain named All
servers on the network run Windows Server 2003 and all client computers run Windows
XP Professional. has a client computer named ABC-WS272 configured with Microsoft
Outlook Express. has a Marketing division which needs to sends e-mail to Arabic clients.
How would you configure ABC-WS272 to ensure the Marketing division members are able to
compose an e-mail message in the Arabic character set?

A. By downloading the foreign language version of Microsoft Outlook Express and install the software.
B. By having the Windows XP language pack for the foreign language required downloaded and installed.
C. By accessing Regional and Language option in Control Panel and select the foreign character set required.
D. By accessing the Microsoft Outlook Express View menu to select Auto Encoding.

Answer: B

Explanation: From Start menu, select Settings then Control Panel, Start Regional Options, Click
on Languages tab, In Supplemental language support box, check the checkboxes of desired
language collection(s) and click OK, Additional files will be copied to your machine. You may need
to provide the Windows XP CD or the network share name, After reboot, support for new
languages will become available.

You work as the network administrator at has a domain named All
servers on the network run Windows Server 2003 and all client computers run Windows
XP Professional. has a computer named ABC-SR01 configured as the VPN server using
IPSec connections. has a Marketing division which uses ABC-SR01 using a L2TP connection. During the
course of the day the Marketing division state the L2TP connection has failed.
How would you configure the connection used to ensure that the Marketing division is able to
access ABC-SR01?

A. By configuring the connection type to PPTP VPN.
B. By configuring the connection to use the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
C. By configuring ABC-SR01 to use additional PPTP ports.
D. By configuring the connection type to SSTP VPN.

Answer: A

Explanation: IPSec is not used, so L2TP connections should not be used either. Instead
reconfigure to use PPTP VPN.


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Android IceCream Sandwich 4.0 Features

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Android IceCream Sandwich 4.0 aka ICS is finally announced and its packed with features. Galaxy Nexus is the flagship device that would run ICS.
ICS basically brings Android 3.x Honeycomb features to phones. Lets go through the features quickly:


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30minutes Video demo of IceCream Sandwich

Android 4.0 ICS Features:
Updated Settings:  Revamped Settings screen organization. Items are arranged much better now.
Disabling Apps:  ICS adds the ability to disable an app outright. Don’t like an app that came preinstalled? Disable it! Its resources never run and its launcher icon is gone until you re-enable it.
Improved Download Manager.
Support for Encryption for Phones:  Honeycomb added full-device encryption, but ICS brings it to phones.
Audio Effects:  There’s a new audio effects API. Better media players coming!
New Font, Roboto: Droid Sans font is now gone for good.

OnScreen buttons, no hardware buttons: You dont need any hardware buttons for running ICS device, all the buttons: back, home are on-screen. Like Honeycomb, the buttons go invisible, smartly, to let you enjoy full screen video.
Resizable Widgets, Folders, Favorites: Dragging apps and contacts on top of each other create re-arrangeable folders. Users can stow their favorite apps, links, and folders into a new Favorites tray for quick and easy access
Screenshots: Hold down the power button and the volume down button to take a screenshot.
Notifications Revamped: Music controls have been integrated, and notifications can be dismissed by swiping
Improved Copy & Paste
Face Unlock
Enhanced Talk-to-Text: It’s more accurate.
Browser Tabs, offline: Upto 16 browser tabs. You can also save web pages offline
Gmail: Gmail now supports two-line previews, and sports a new context-sensitive action bar at the bottom of the screen. Gesture support allows you to swipe left and right between emails.
Contacts – People App: Contacts get re-vamped by showing contacts from Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Data Usage: You can now look at the details of what app is doing what with your data usage. Best part: The ability to limit data usage to a certain threshold.
Camera: Image stabilization, improved autofocus, and integration with other apps for sending photos or instant upload to Google+, built-in face detection, panorama and time lapse modes, and on-the-fly photo retouching and enhancements.
Android Beam: An secure NFC-powered sharing platform that lets users share nearly any kind of content, save for applications (in that case, a link to the Market is sent instead)

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Beaches and BBQs vs. Blackberrys: Holiday weekends of the IT set

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IT recruiting a casualty of the recession

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Companies have lost some talent-acquisition muscle, and they’re going to feel the effects of that loss
In the face of a lousy economy, hiring freezes and expense cuts, many companies have decimated their recruiting teams. But as IT staffs ramp up efforts to fill open positions and compete for key talent, this lack of recruiting resources could hurt them.



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ON YOUR MIND: Top 5 worries keeping IT pros up at night

“As we enter into this tacit economic recovery, companies that don’t have a recruiting staff can’t be aggressive about getting people in. The danger for these organizations is that if you don’t address the problem, it just grows and grows and grows,” Capperella says. “The top quartile of companies that care about how they manage and strategically plan their talent will be fine, but that leaves 75% that will inevitably have to compete on wages.”

Another danger is choosing the wrong person.

Oftentimes the effects of bad recruiting don’t show up for six to 12 months, but they’re painful when they do. Dealing with a chronic procrastinator, a bad communicator or a perfectionist can take its toll on the entire department. In addition, a negligent hire can expose a company to financial and reputational risk.

“The greatest risk to a company is hiring the wrong people, and the single greatest control you have over corporate risk is hiring the right people,” Rowson says. “You will end up paying much more than the cost of hire for a bad hire.”

In the end, the burden of a bad hire will be felt more by the manager, who has to deal with that person on a daily basis, than by the recruiter. For IT managers, it’s worth investing more time and energy in recruiting. Here are a few tips to get started:
1. Get more involved in recruiting

If you’re a manager, cultivate a strong partnership with HR. You’ll need it — particularly if hiring does suddenly pick up. Pick up the phone, ask a recruiter to lunch, express interest in the recruiting process and offer your expertise, Winegardner says. “Create that relationship with your business partner in recruiting and HR because it will pay dividends.”
2. Get your own house in order

In an ideal world, companies should always be in recruiting mode, scouting for new talent not only in the open market but also inside their own organizations.

“A good organization is always making its first priority to understand what talent they already have and how it’s deployed. Is it being rewarded properly and competitively?” Rowson says. “If don’t have your own house in order, you can’t go to market.”

In reality, however, a lot of companies solely focus on external recruiting and ignore opportunities to optimize their existing workforce. “I see companies misfire on this all the time, but the great companies don’t,” Rowson says.

When companies decide it’s time to recruit again, the smart ones first make sure they have their current talent deployed in the right positions, Rowson says. “Why waste even one precious dollar going to market, speculatively, to recruit until you’ve gotten that house in order?”
3. Deal with poor performers

Now is the time for dealing with poor performers, Rowson suggests. Some managers have held onto subpar employees rather than risk losing headcount and not being able to replace it. “It’s an opportunity to confront performance issues,” he says.
4. Ask for input from existing staff

The most efficient way to go about a talent search is to talk to existing staff members and ask them to weigh in on what’s needed for a particular position — the skills, experience and certifications, for instance.


Chat for free: Use instant messaging and your webcam to stay in touch

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Every Sunday, my 20-month-old daughter and I call Grandma and Grandpa to video chat. We live in Colorado; they live in Las Vegas. But my daughter knows them by sight and voice—because, with instant messaging (IM) and a webcam, we all can see and hear one another. It feels as if they are right here with us, and it’s great to chat for free.

These days, webcams are easy to buy, connect, and use. In fact, most new laptops come with built-in webcams, and when a webcam is paired with instant messaging or video call software or websites, almost anyone can communicate face to face (or webcam to webcam!) with friends and loved ones.

In this article, we discuss both of these options for staying in touch with family and friends.
Get the software and hardware

Here is what you need to get started:
Instant messaging software: Windows Live Messenger

There are lots of free programs that you can use to stay in touch, but my favorite software for instant messaging and video calls is Windows Live Messenger, which is a part of Windows Live Essentials. With Windows Live Essentials, you get Messenger, Photo Gallery, Mail, Movie Maker, Writer, Family Safety, and Toolbar, plus Microsoft Office Outlook Connector, Office Live Add-in, and Microsoft Silverlight.

Here are five reasons I use Windows Live Messenger instead of other instant messaging software:

It’s integrated with other Microsoft products and services, like Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Essentials, so I can see when my friends and family are online as I do other things.

Most people I know use it (300 million people in 76 countries use Messenger every month), plus I can chat with people on Yahoo! too.

Messenger offers video chat in HD while sharing your photos and watching videos.

You can leave 30-second video messages if your friends aren’t around.

Also, you can set your availability by group. For instance, you can be “Available” for friends but “Offline” for coworkers.

There are lots of other features, but these five are the ones that I use most often to stay in touch. Also, Windows Live Messenger is easy to set up, which makes it simple for me to use with other people who are less technically savvy.

To get it, download Windows Live Messenger from Microsoft. After you’re on the website, click Download, and, in the File Download dialog box, click Run and then follow the installation prompts.

The next item you’ll need is a webcam. Choose something that will work with your computer and operating system. Ideally, you should get one with a built-in microphone. Laptops often have built-in webcams, by the way, but if you purchase one on your own, you’ll need to plug the webcam into a USB port on your computer and install the software that comes with it. Then, follow the instructions that come with your webcam to install it on your computer. An external webcam provides a lot of flexibility with camera angle and direction, better optics, increased field of view, and typically higher quality video. For a list of webcams that are optimized for Windows Live, visit the Windows Live marketplace.
Add friends to your Windows Live Messenger account

After you have the messaging software and your webcam is set up, you can start video chatting with friends and family. When you are signed in to your Windows Live Messenger account, it’s time to add friends that you’d like to chat or video chat with. Look for the Friends icon on your Messenger home screen Friends icon in Windows Live Messenger, and on the drop-down menu, click Add a friend. All you need to do is add his or her email address and then click Next twice. The second time you click Next, you are asked whether you’d like to add the person as a favorite, which means that he or she will always appear at the top of your Messenger contacts and will be easy to find. Then, an invitation is sent.
Add a Contact window in Windows Live Messenger

You can easily add friends and contacts to your Windows Live Messenger account.

After your friend accepts the invitation, the two of you can begin chatting. When you’re ready to start an IM or video chat, just double-click the contact name and another window will open with options to IM or to Video call. To have an IM conversation, type your message in the text box provided, and, on your keyboard, press Enter. To have a video chat, click Video call. Note that the other person must be online and available to have an IM conversation or video chat.

Make a call with your webcam

Making a webcam call (or chat with video) is as easy as making a call from the telephone in your kitchen. The big difference is that you’re using your computer with a webcam to make the call. Here’s how it works: Your computer calls another computer using the IP (Internet Protocol) address associated with your contact’s email address. To read more about making a webcam call, go to Windows Live Help, and, in the Search for box, type webcam call. For more information about buying a webcam that is optimized for Windows Live, visit Windows Live marketplace.
Screen shot: How to start a webcam call

Chat during video calls

When you are engaged in a video chat using Windows Live Messenger, you can still send instant messages back and forth, if, for example, your sound goes out or another small technical problem occurs. You can also send or share pictures or documents while you video chat.

You can even IM with other friends while you are video chatting—just open up a chat with anyone else on your contact list and multitask to your heart’s content. The person you’re chatting with will never know that you are also on a video call, but be careful: The person on the video call will see what you’re doing and where your eyes are.
Video and IM tips

With instant messaging, it’s easy to overdo it. Little messages pop up on your screen at the oddest times, and it’s difficult to resist them even when a work deadline or other important task needs to be completed. If you have a lot of people in your contacts list, you could spend half your day instant messaging. To help you stay on track and in touch, here are some instant messaging tips:

Use the My Status feature to alert others to your availability. This feature tells others at a glance whether you can chat or whether it might not be a good time for you. Conversely, respect the status of those you want to chat with. If someone has the Busy icon on their name, for example, don’t bother sending a message until they become available. To set your status in Windows Live Messenger, go to the File menu, click Status, and then select the option that describes your current availability: Available, Busy, Away, or Appear Offline.

Screen shot of an IM conversation showing one contact offline

Establish regular times for video calls. You can always be spontaneous, of course, but remember that some folks wear pajamas half the day and may not always want to pick up a video call!

Regularly check the video settings for your webcam. First, check your video settings in Windows Live Messenger: Go to the Tools menu, and click Audio and Video Setup. When you click Next to get to the webcam settings, you should see yourself in the window. (If you don’t, in My Computer, check your webcam properties to make sure that you have set up your webcam properly.) Adjust the brightness, contrast, and other camera settings by using the sliding arrow.

Staying in touch with family and friends is actually a lot of fun when you use instant messaging and video. With the way people are scattered around the country—and even around the globe—these days, it’s also a very practical way to communicate.


My Fav Free Forensic Analysis Tools

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I was talking about colleges with my son the other day to see what he is interested in for a possible major. I was hoping and praying he wouldn’t say English since my guidance there would be like trying to divide by zero or philosophy because that meant he’d be living here until his late 30’s. He told me he was interested in being a detective. Well! I must say my ears perked right up! I have always thought the two best careers in IT are forensics and data center. But no…he wants to be a actual detective…like you know the ones that carry a badge and stuff. I’m not sure were that even came from to be honest. He doesn’t watch detective shows or read detective novels. Heck the closest I was to ever being a detective was looking for my pants and wondering why I was wearing moose antler horns and a eye patch after a blackout. Well I guess it could been worse. He could have wanted to go to Auburn…


Microsoft MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification and over 2000+ Exams at

But that got me thinking about forensics itself and some of the tools I use. I believe that if someone is just getting into IT and they want a solid career path, it’s hard to beat forensic science or data center engineering. Understand to be good in forensics you really need to understand HOW data actually works and moves though a system. Forensics is a top level discipline that you work towards after you master PCs, servers, networking (especially networking) and coding. Sounds tough but man alive is it a lot of fun. I would not say I am a forensics expert. Not even close. I am more of a hobbyist in this area. Now some of the tools out there in forensics are VERY expensive due to their incredible speed and “court room” validation.

However, if you just wanting to mess around and practice on a few machines to see if this is a career path for you, here are a few of the freebie tools I use and have had a ton of success with.

Are your pants on fire yet? Web Browsers analysis
This most common use I see for forensic hobbyist is getting to a history file when the history has been erased. This is a browser specific function so the tools must use the browser API’s to accomplish this. Here are a few of my favs:
– From across the pond the folks at Forensics-software have two most excellent tools. Fox Analysis and Chrome Analysis
– If it’s IE your looking for then its really hard to beat Nirsoft I absolutely love their IECookieViewer They have a bunch of other tools as well for you to mess around with but their IE stuff is really second to none. Honorable mention to their Skype Log View as well. Very cool tool!

Email Fun
Email is more difficult to find a freeware tool on the forensics side of the house. Email is really a database with a bunch of insane tables and procedures that can lead you down a path more dangerous then walking around Olongopo drunk with money falling out of your pockets. And before you ask No wasn’t me on the don’t do this poster… Email Detective is a proggy we used back in the AOL/Compuserv days to rebuild email. About the only game on the freeware side of the track is from MiTec out of the Czech Republic called Mail Viewer It’s lightweight and works good on Outlook Express, T-Bird and Windows Live email. See the commonality here? All of the email is cached or stored local and not on a server. For Outlook and other server based DB style systems, I just have not found a good freeware email tool I really like too much.

Lookin’ for a file in a haystack
There are so many attributes to look at with files. The good news here is there is no shortage of really good freebie tools that allow you dissect a file with the precision of a kid removing the vegetables out of Kung Pow Chicken. For stuff like reconstructing images to see if folks have been taking pictures of you eating a salad at a steakhouse (I was watching for my wife!) it’s hard to beat Forensic Image Viewer from Sanderson Forensics also check out MFTview while your there. He requires you to register to download, but it is totally worth it!
– A tool I really love to mess around with is Memoryze from Mandiant This digital bundle of awesomeness allows you to analyze live memory and even page files on a running system. It works great even on memory images. Oh man this tools digital foot must be hurtin’ from the ass it kicks!

But, isn’t there a ISO we can use like BackTrack instead of messin’ round and piece mailing all of these tools?
ISO are really awesome. Just like there are many different fishing lures to catch Bass, there’s also multiple ISO for different forensics needs. Of course you can just use the forensics mode on BT and it works good also. Here are a couple others I keep close at hand.
– Caine Live CD is one of my favs. Full featured with a ton of useful scripts built right in, this is a great general propose ISO with great support and really does Italy proud!
– Deft Linux another great ISO from Italy this is also another full featured ISO. It is very well documented and man alive is it fast! When I need speed, I turn to Deft!
– Plain Sight is a great ISO to get started on messing around with forensics and it has a lot horsepower too! The volatile memory examination tools are really the stuff!

Websites baby!
Some of my RSS locked forensics favs are:
– hardcore folks, news and training here!
– Nice up to date tool wiki
– Great free geek workshops that cover all things computer geeks dig!

Forensics is a huge field and I believe folks can really make there mark here. It really overlays nearly every single piece of IT out there today and oh man are these folks in demand. Plus it a fun hobby to get into just to really improve your troubleshooting skills. Well, time for me to head off to a customer call. I just glad he likes to talk networking on a Bass boat….

Jimmy Ray Purser

Trivia File Transfer Protocol
Soon after the site was established MGM/UA set up a website for Hackers it was hacked! A group calling itself the Internet Liberation Front managed to draw all over the photo of Hackers stars Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller, and replaced verbiage, ‘this is going to be an entertaining, fun promotional site for a movie,’ with ‘this is going to be a lame, cheesy promotional site for a movie!’ The studio decided to maintain the site during the theatrical run of the movie in its altered form. At least their not Sony….


ITIL – Understanding The Three Levels of ITIL Certification

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ITIL has three levels of certification: Foundation, Practitioner and Manager. The Foundation Certificate is the entry-level certification, while the Manager Certificate is the highest level in ITIL accreditation. Here are the three certifications in greater detail:


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Foundation Certificate – ITIL Foundation

This is the first level of certification, and the first step that an individual must take to start a career in ITIL. It is intended for those individual’s working in Information Technology Service Management. The foundation certificate allows people to understand and comprehend the terminology used in ITIL. It strengthens the individual’s basic knowledge about the ITIL Service Support and Service Delivery. The ITIL Foundation consists of twelve main areas, and these areas are divided between the Service Delivery and Service Support. In addition to this, it also covers ITIL philosophy.

The Foundation Certificate proves that the individual understand the basics of ITIL, and this includes the concepts, terminology and the relationships between the processes of the ITIL framework. The individual will also learn how to reduce costs, and, at the same time, improve the quality of the service. The Foundation Certificate paves the way for the next certifications: Practitioner’s Certificate and Manager’s Certificate.

Practitioner’s Certificate – ITIL Practitioner

This course is targeted at those individuals who have a responsibility in one or more processes of ITSM. The Practitioner’s Certificate acknowledges an individual’s expertise in a specific discipline of the Service Support or Service Delivery sets of the ITIL. It also includes customer and organization communication. The ITIL Practitioner’s Examination tests the individual’s capability of designing an ITIL process and implementing the activities that are associated with it.

Practitioner’s certificates are available in problem management, configuration management, financial management and capacity management. To apply for a Practitioner’s Certificate, an individual needs to have a Foundation Certificate, and also two to three years of experience in managing the ITIL process.

Manager’s Certificate – ITIL Service Management

This certification is targeted at experienced professionals. These individuals may be involved in management functions, like managers or consultants in ITSM. The Manager’s Certificate is especially useful for those people who are part of the ITIL implementation. The course covers the tactical and operational processes of the ITIL, and teaches the students how to set up and implement the ITIL processes in businesses and organizations.

To apply for a Manager’s Certificate, the individual needs to have a Foundation Certificate, as well as at least five years of management experience in the IT sector. There are a few courses which require that, the individual should have a Practitioner’s Certification as well. This certification will provide the student with the information and skills to implement the processes of the ITIL, successfully.

For any company or organization, it is important to have the right people, with the right knowledge and skills, to make the organization more efficient. Currently, only people, and not companies, can achieve an ITIL certification. There are a few companies which claim to be ITIL-compliant; however, the OGC does not recognize such companies.