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Beaches and BBQs vs. Blackberrys: Holiday weekends of the IT set

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MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification

Microsoft MCTS CertificationMCITP Certification and over 2000+
Exams with Life Time Access Membership at


MCTS Training

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MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification

Microsoft MCTS CertificationMCITP Certification and over 2000+
Exams with Life Time Access Membership at


Beaches and BBQs vs. Blackberrys: Holiday weekends of the IT set

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Chat for free: Use instant messaging and your webcam to stay in touch

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Every Sunday, my 20-month-old daughter and I call Grandma and Grandpa to video chat. We live in Colorado; they live in Las Vegas. But my daughter knows them by sight and voice—because, with instant messaging (IM) and a webcam, we all can see and hear one another. It feels as if they are right here with us, and it’s great to chat for free.

These days, webcams are easy to buy, connect, and use. In fact, most new laptops come with built-in webcams, and when a webcam is paired with instant messaging or video call software or websites, almost anyone can communicate face to face (or webcam to webcam!) with friends and loved ones.

In this article, we discuss both of these options for staying in touch with family and friends.
Get the software and hardware

Here is what you need to get started:
Instant messaging software: Windows Live Messenger

There are lots of free programs that you can use to stay in touch, but my favorite software for instant messaging and video calls is Windows Live Messenger, which is a part of Windows Live Essentials. With Windows Live Essentials, you get Messenger, Photo Gallery, Mail, Movie Maker, Writer, Family Safety, and Toolbar, plus Microsoft Office Outlook Connector, Office Live Add-in, and Microsoft Silverlight.

Here are five reasons I use Windows Live Messenger instead of other instant messaging software:

It’s integrated with other Microsoft products and services, like Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Essentials, so I can see when my friends and family are online as I do other things.

Most people I know use it (300 million people in 76 countries use Messenger every month), plus I can chat with people on Yahoo! too.

Messenger offers video chat in HD while sharing your photos and watching videos.

You can leave 30-second video messages if your friends aren’t around.

Also, you can set your availability by group. For instance, you can be “Available” for friends but “Offline” for coworkers.

There are lots of other features, but these five are the ones that I use most often to stay in touch. Also, Windows Live Messenger is easy to set up, which makes it simple for me to use with other people who are less technically savvy.

To get it, download Windows Live Messenger from Microsoft. After you’re on the website, click Download, and, in the File Download dialog box, click Run and then follow the installation prompts.

The next item you’ll need is a webcam. Choose something that will work with your computer and operating system. Ideally, you should get one with a built-in microphone. Laptops often have built-in webcams, by the way, but if you purchase one on your own, you’ll need to plug the webcam into a USB port on your computer and install the software that comes with it. Then, follow the instructions that come with your webcam to install it on your computer. An external webcam provides a lot of flexibility with camera angle and direction, better optics, increased field of view, and typically higher quality video. For a list of webcams that are optimized for Windows Live, visit the Windows Live marketplace.
Add friends to your Windows Live Messenger account

After you have the messaging software and your webcam is set up, you can start video chatting with friends and family. When you are signed in to your Windows Live Messenger account, it’s time to add friends that you’d like to chat or video chat with. Look for the Friends icon on your Messenger home screen Friends icon in Windows Live Messenger, and on the drop-down menu, click Add a friend. All you need to do is add his or her email address and then click Next twice. The second time you click Next, you are asked whether you’d like to add the person as a favorite, which means that he or she will always appear at the top of your Messenger contacts and will be easy to find. Then, an invitation is sent.
Add a Contact window in Windows Live Messenger

You can easily add friends and contacts to your Windows Live Messenger account.

After your friend accepts the invitation, the two of you can begin chatting. When you’re ready to start an IM or video chat, just double-click the contact name and another window will open with options to IM or to Video call. To have an IM conversation, type your message in the text box provided, and, on your keyboard, press Enter. To have a video chat, click Video call. Note that the other person must be online and available to have an IM conversation or video chat.

Make a call with your webcam

Making a webcam call (or chat with video) is as easy as making a call from the telephone in your kitchen. The big difference is that you’re using your computer with a webcam to make the call. Here’s how it works: Your computer calls another computer using the IP (Internet Protocol) address associated with your contact’s email address. To read more about making a webcam call, go to Windows Live Help, and, in the Search for box, type webcam call. For more information about buying a webcam that is optimized for Windows Live, visit Windows Live marketplace.
Screen shot: How to start a webcam call

Chat during video calls

When you are engaged in a video chat using Windows Live Messenger, you can still send instant messages back and forth, if, for example, your sound goes out or another small technical problem occurs. You can also send or share pictures or documents while you video chat.

You can even IM with other friends while you are video chatting—just open up a chat with anyone else on your contact list and multitask to your heart’s content. The person you’re chatting with will never know that you are also on a video call, but be careful: The person on the video call will see what you’re doing and where your eyes are.
Video and IM tips

With instant messaging, it’s easy to overdo it. Little messages pop up on your screen at the oddest times, and it’s difficult to resist them even when a work deadline or other important task needs to be completed. If you have a lot of people in your contacts list, you could spend half your day instant messaging. To help you stay on track and in touch, here are some instant messaging tips:

Use the My Status feature to alert others to your availability. This feature tells others at a glance whether you can chat or whether it might not be a good time for you. Conversely, respect the status of those you want to chat with. If someone has the Busy icon on their name, for example, don’t bother sending a message until they become available. To set your status in Windows Live Messenger, go to the File menu, click Status, and then select the option that describes your current availability: Available, Busy, Away, or Appear Offline.

Screen shot of an IM conversation showing one contact offline

Establish regular times for video calls. You can always be spontaneous, of course, but remember that some folks wear pajamas half the day and may not always want to pick up a video call!

Regularly check the video settings for your webcam. First, check your video settings in Windows Live Messenger: Go to the Tools menu, and click Audio and Video Setup. When you click Next to get to the webcam settings, you should see yourself in the window. (If you don’t, in My Computer, check your webcam properties to make sure that you have set up your webcam properly.) Adjust the brightness, contrast, and other camera settings by using the sliding arrow.

Staying in touch with family and friends is actually a lot of fun when you use instant messaging and video. With the way people are scattered around the country—and even around the globe—these days, it’s also a very practical way to communicate.


Microsoft Exams Training Online

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Apple plugs phishing hole on developer website
YGN Ethical Hacker Group, which identified the holes, says news reports spurred action by Apple

The hacker group that flagged a vulnerability on an Apple development website, a vulnerability that could have led to phishing attacks against Mac OS X, iPad and iPad developers, says Apple finally fixed the hole that was identified two months ago.

YGN told Apple about the Arbitrary URL Redirect vulnerability and cross-site scripting issue on April 25, warning it could lead to phishing attacks on developers using the website. Apple acknowledged YGN’s information on April 27, but didn’t fix the hole. That frustrated YGN, which let news reporters know it would go public with the information in a short period of time even if Apple didn’t correct the problem. One day after news reports on the situation, Apple fixed the problem.

SECURITY TECH: Inventor of SecurID has new authentication system

“As Apple has replied that they have fixed the issue, we’ve released the information at our blog,” the YGN Ethical Hacker Group wrote in an email today to Network World.

The tactics of the YGN Ethical Hacker Group are controversial because under U.S. law, an unauthorized scan is considered an attack or even a break-in. However YGN, which earlier this year identified security holes in the websites of McAfee and Oracle as well, counters that websites should not be full of known vulnerabilities, especially those in high-profile public view.

Read more about security in Network World’s Security section.


Details of ActualKey MCSA Certification

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Exam 70-270 is one of the examinations of Microsoft certification and the MCSA Certification name is MCSE windows XP professional. This certification will designed for the candidates who wish to learn and gain knowledge on the ability to administer implement, as well as troubleshoot the windows XP in the desktop operating system of any networking environment particularly in the larger level computing environments. By passing examination candidates can become Microsoft certified professionals and also helps the candidates to certify with MCSA 2003 as well as MCSE 2003 certifications.

For writing this examination there are no special prerequisites required to the candidates but it is recommended to the candidates to have at least 1 year experience in the field of administering and implementation of desktop operating system in any networking environment.

Job roles for this certification:
Candidates can have their varieties of job opportunities after successful completion of this examination. System administrator system engineer system analysts technical consultants network analysts technical support engineers etc are some of the job roles included in this certification.

The MCSE exam 70-270: Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional tutorial covers the major topics as explained by Microsoft for you to pass the exam. Take the tutorial for free and learn what it takes to pass the MCP certification. Learn how to install an image using a RIS server, Windows XP printing, or NTFS security permissions. Everything is covered in this free tutorial.

Even “power users” of Windows XP would likely fail the Windows XP examination without any preparation. As its name suggests, the “Microsoft Exam 70–270: Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional” test covers much ground that typical users are unlikely to have encountered before. The tested material is decidedly administrative in nature, covering the kinds of tasks that a systems engineer or administrator would normally cover.


Certkingdom now offers training on SQL Server 2008 Failover Clustering

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Certkingdom now offers training on SQL Server 2008 Failover Clustering

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Certkingdom Solutions, World’s #1 offshore IT Training and Certification company, now offers training for SQL Server 2008 Failover Clustering.

SQL Server failover clustering course provides high-availability support for an entire SQL Server instance. In information technology, high availability refers to a system or component that is continuously operational for a desirably long period of time. Availability can be measured relative to ‘100 percent operational’. High availability is achieved by a combination of hardware redundancy, fail-over systems and policies.

A SQL Server failover cluster appears on the network as a single SQL Server instance on a single computer. Internally, only one of the nodes owns the cluster resource group at a time, serving all the client requests for that failover cluster instance.

For more information, visit:

Certkingdom is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Learning Solutions.
Certkingdom offers training on all popular certifications, including MCTS, MCSE, MCPD, MCITP, VMware, RHCE,RHCSS,RHCSA ,Oracle 11g,10g & 9i, SQL Server, CCNA, CCNP, CCVP, CCIE and SCJP.
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Note to Editors:
About Certkingdom: Certkingdom is a reputed company based in India providing offshore IT training and certification. Established in 1993, Certkingdom has more than 15 years of vast experience in Instruction Led Training. Certkingdom is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Learning Solutions Certkingdom is an authorized training partner of Checkpoint, Cisco, Oracle, Adobe, Red Hat, VMware, Novell, LPI, CIW, CWNP, EC-Council and SCP. Certkingdom is also an Authorized Testing Centre of Prometric and Vue.

Certkingdom offers quality of training, small batch size, convenient start dates, holiday experience, flexibility and much more. Participants from all over the world (57 countries last count) regularly travel to Certkingdom to upgrade their skills at 50% of prices in USA and Europe.


Verizon study: data breaches quintupled in 2010

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Criminals carried out more but smaller data thefts last year than in previous years, indicating a shift toward simpler exploits that run lower risk of punishment, according to Verizon’s latest data breach report.

In 2010 the number of breaches skyrocketed to 760 from 141 the year before, according to the “2011 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report.”  At the same time the number of actual records compromised by the breaches plummeted from 144 million in 2009 to 4 million in 2010.

TIPS: Verizon’s 12-Step security program

On average, then, in 2009 the number of records stolen per breach was about 1.02 million. For 2010 that number was 5,263.

What’s going on? The type of data being sought by criminals shifted from payment card numbers to intellectual property, information about business processes and deals being made between businesses, says David Ostertag, global investigations manager for Verizon.






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“With intellectual property they may get one record but it will have a much higher value than one payment card record,” Ostertag says.

In cases where payment card information was stolen, the number of records taken per breach was much less, indicating that criminals are trying to minimize the attention they draw, he says. “There’s less chance of being caught because fewer resources are being applied to catch them,” he says.

That may already be changing, though, with early results from 2011 indicating a surge in high-volume data breaches. The motivation may be that stockpiles of stolen card data have been depleted over the past year and more are needed to replenish them. “Supply and demand has a lot to do with it,” he says. “The bad guys need a new supply.”

HISTORY: Smartphone security follies

Also anecdotally, there seems to be a recent uptick in unauthorized peer-to-peer traffic on networks, Ostertag says, which could be criminals doing research and development on ways to send data out once it has been compromised.

“They’re better at getting in, but not at exfiltrating the data,” he says.

Threats from outside businesses has also jumped dramatically from 70% to 92%, which may be due to commoditized attack tools that are simpler to use and therefore used more often,  he says.

Hospitality, retail and financial services industries accounted for 87% of all the investigated data breaches.

Financial institutions in previous years accounted for 90% or more of compromised records, but that fell dramatically in 2010 to 35%. The reason is some breaches in past years that involved millions of records were from financial institutions. Also, criminals may be focusing more on other thefts than credit card numbers. These include theft of intellectual property, authentication data, and turning machines into bots to serve botnets, the report says.

One deceptive result is the 17% of attacks involving insiders. That is a drop from 48% in 2009, but the actual number of insider breaches remains about the same. So the threat to businesses from insiders has stayed relatively constant; it’s just the total number of breaches that has dramatically increased to skew the percentage, the report says.


ActualKey 70-270 exam

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ActualKey is an excellent source of information on IT Certifications. At ActualKey mcts certification training and mcitp certification training, you can find 70-270 study guide as well as study materials for your preparation of certification exam. ActualKey 70-270 study materials has been prepared for you by the skilled and experienced team of IT professionals who have a long experience of students’ problems and their requirements of the said certification. ActualKey 70-270 exam can add your confidence in achieving your goal.

It is well known that 70-270 exam test is the hot exam of Microsoft certification. It is the examination of the perfect combination and it will help you pass 70-270 exam at the first time!